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All wrapped up in revenge

It is a blanket made out of poison ivy. A refreshing beverage with 80% of pure  & unsweetened bad karma. It is a crown worn upside down. A boomerang of blades, and a lovely bouquet of nettles. Revenge is a dish best left unserved, I say. Perhaps you have spent the wee hours on Pinterest and seen […]

Try the truth, she said.

I continue to be surprised at the kryptonitic power of the truth. When something rings true,  when it tastes authentic, it becomes very nearly invincible! What I mean is specifically this: when you speak no evil (i.e. the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth), you don’t have to worry about hearing or […]

It’s always the quiet ones

Today, I am taking a stand for all of the people who … well … take stands! I have had it up to here (you can’t see, but I am holding my hand level with some pretty furrowed eyebrows) with passive-aggressive maneuvers. You know, you MUST know, the kind of people who will sneak around […]