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Try the truth, she said.

I continue to be surprised at the kryptonitic power of the truth. When something rings true,  when it tastes authentic, it becomes very nearly invincible!

What I mean is specifically this: when you speak no evil (i.e. the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth), you don’t have to worry about hearing or seeing evil either. Why? Because when you “say what you mean and mean what you say” other people will see you truly, will listen to you with open minds, will empathize with you, will feel that they are essentially the same as you, and will talk considerably higher quality crap about you behind your back. The truth shall not only set you free, but give you a magical shield of epic might! Okay, I went a tad overboard here, but read on …

In my literary travels, I have crossed paths with this quote: “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive!” **.  Practice?  Really? I don’t think you can really ever learn, not even if you practiced like a spider on crack. Why? Because the world is a tangled web of its own, and it would take a Lord Loss Chess champion (at a minimum) to keep all variables in check (while people behave erratically and fail to obey rules, so HA!). Each time you try to play smart with a half-truth, a half-lie, an off-white lie, an excuse, a taradiddle, a fake truth, or a piece of fiction worthy of a literary award … prepare for a sticky tangled web that will eventually render you immobile and looking as fresh as a used toilet paper mummy.

And that’s not the worst part either. The worst part is your vivid imagination (the place where the problem kind of started). When you speak “evil”, you also start to hear “evil”. In whispers, in giggles, in between the lines, in interpretations. Evil will shadow you: you will see your friends with furtive looks and status updates with insidious innuendo. Permanent paranoia shall be your friend. Which is quite a good move, actually,  because other people are way smarter that you give them credit for. Trust this like you would trust a swiss army watch.

Sometimes you find yourself looking for innocent excuses, like “how to tell my regular hairdresser that I went ahead and tried the New Salon that had a nicer logo”. Sometimes, you are holding an axe of a truth and wondering whether or not to hold you peace (not necessarily at a wedding, but could very well be) or wield the ax. Sometimes, your truth is so against the popular code of conduct that you only take it out of your sleeve in private, for quiet perusal. Sometimes you just can’t find the words … which is when a pen is your very best friend and mightier than a wall of silence. And sometimes you are just scared witless.

“Try the truth”, a good old friend of mine used to say. “When all else fails, go ahead, try the truth”. I intend to go even further and spearhead my life with the truth (but never ever with spite). Which leads me to the surprise part. Many times in the past, I have chosen the sticky web, because I PREDICTED the other party to behave in certain way. But when I finally and painstakingly chiseled out the truth, I found out that I was dead WRONG. Nobody got mad and set my pants on fire. Also, countless times, I have thought a white lie superior to the transparent truth, only to find out that the truth was invaluable, while the lie was rubbish.

I’m pretty sure that truth is made of some sort of universal kryptonite. You cannot really argue with the (subjective) truth. If you go out on a limb and try the truth about your feelings/thoughts/whatever,  you will hardly ever be crucified or rolled in tar. Wait a minute … speaking of tar, in Finland we have this saying: “If the sauna, the tar, or the booze won’t help you, it [whatever it is that ails you] will probably kill you.”  I would like to add “the truth” to the litany, if you don’t mind very much, and I wonder if we could do away with the tar part, since it is actually really hard to find in any of the local stores when you really need it. Truth, on the other hand, is often right there, on the tip of the tongue.

** Sir Walter Scott, I presume.

** The spider on crack- video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHzdsFiBbFc

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