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Why Being Bad Feels So Good

One of the best things that can happen to you is accepting the role of the Bad Guy.
With a wink and a thumbs up. And I don’t mean no martyrdom either, I mean ACCEPTING the role of the Bad Guy. Embracing it. I promise you it will feel GREAT.

Reason #1: The reason why you are being branded as the Bad Guy is that you have stood up for something you believe in. You have made a choice. You have made a difference between what you want to live with and what you don’t want in your life. You have said NO (or maybe “take a hike.”) This is often hard for people deal with. Most people just cope, kiss butt and carry on. Don’t expect them to see your point of view, they won’t. Just accept that they will see you as the Bad Guy. But, trust me, in your private universe, you FUCKING ROCK.

Reason #2: Bad Guys have more FUN! They possess the power to direct their energy to people and things that make them FEEL GOOD. They seldom sit in parties in which they are bored out of their minds. They don’t get sucked into meaningless bogs of bullshit or find themselves running errands for sluggards. Instead, they find other BAD GUYS and go out to have a beer or two. Have a laugh.

Reason #3 You will feel like you are in CONTROL of your life, and that is the best fucking thing there is. But there is a catch, you have to always speak the truth (sure sure, there is no objective truth as such, but there is something that YOU believe is true). You absolutely must not lie to yourself, you have to be the real thing. Even better (like Bono said). They say the truth shall set you free. It will. And the freedom will grant you the feeling  that you are behind the wheel. You are freed from the ACTING job most people have to endure every day and from the lies that you may have told yourself in order to endure. Once you make even ONE hard choice & speak the truth , you will know what I talking about.

Hi! My name is Elice. I am a Bad Guy. This is a good day.


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