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5 tiny things to hope for the Summer ’14

First off, the slogan “the summer of ’14″ just doesn’t do it for me. A total amount of zero butterflies in my stomach. No activity in the tingle department. I swear to god, there hasn’t been a good “Summer of” number since the 90s.

Nevertheless, one must lumber on and have Faith. They say that worrying is like praying for things you don’t want. This post is the exact opposite, because writing down tiny hopes is like sending out scented invitations. Right? Right.

So, 5 tiny things to hope for … “The Summer of ’14″

1. A scenery that will make you sit down and just stare. Could be anything, but it has to extend. To the horizon, if possible.

2. Laughter that will make you cry happy tears and make awkward piglet sounds until you are breathless.

3. A day when you can let go of the steering wheel completely and just go where the garden paths take you.

4. A night when you can’t stop talking about this epiphany you had. Wine included.

5. A “whimsical romantic getaway” sans sand, needles or ants in places where they should never be.

There it is. Five tiny things that are, in fact, BIGGER THAN LIFE ITSELF.



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