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Voices within & leaps of faith

Inner voice.

You know, that internal intercom thing that crackles into life every now and then to make public announcements of all kinds. We’re aware that it’s there, yammering away. Sometimes catnapping. It IS as fickle as a cat. But what is it exactly? A divine whisperer, the devil’s advocate, your evilish ego or just your thoughts that are accidentally on speaker mode.

Sometimes it reminds you of things that you have put into the procrastination drawer.

Sometimes it tells you to go. Or to stay.

On rainy days, it seems to remind you of things that you’d rather not even remember.

In arguments, it’s nice enough to take your side.

I think the inner voice is the version of me that sees BEYOND, but is not allowed to tell me. It is my soul speaking to me in fragmented whispers. It is knowledge in a pure form.

When it tells me something, I’d better listen.


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