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Voices within & leaps of faith

Inner voice. You know, that internal intercom thing that crackles into life every now and then to make public announcements of all kinds. We’re aware that it’s there, yammering away. Sometimes catnapping. It IS as fickle as a cat. But what is it exactly? A divine whisperer, the devil’s advocate, your evilish ego or just your thoughts that […]

Without a tribe

When they say that a man is a social animal, I am not 100% sure it applies to Finnish folks. In fact, I have often wondered why the very first settlers ever decided to stay. It is pretty damn obvious that they must have arrived here sometime between July the 15th and the day on which Jaakko throws […]


When do I know To let go? When it’s too cold, Should I release my hold And swirl to the dirt In my red autumn skirt? When I grow weary Of the same scenery? Then, is it my time My fingers to unbind? Is there a whisper, like a breeze To tell me “dear girl, […]

Deep sea creatures to the rescue

For the first time in my life, I am hoping that a strange, reclusive sea creature can help me. I never thought that I would pray to the gods of the sea, meet Ursula the many-tentacled witch, let alone have personal dealings with Mr Cuttlefish, my potential savior. But here I am, putting my trust […]

Does happiness have coordinates?

What is the #1 happiest place to live in? Vancouver? No, although I’d loooove to move there, like right now. Wellington? Amazing steaks, great grassy hillocks! Tampere? Almost, almost, but too few restaurants for health nuts. C’mon, you know that happiness is not a geographical place. I wish I could set my navigator to “follow the […]

5 tiny things to hope for the Summer ’14

First off, the slogan “the summer of ’14″ just doesn’t do it for me. A total amount of zero butterflies in my stomach. No activity in the tingle department. I swear to god, there hasn’t been a good “Summer of” number since the 90s. Nevertheless, one must lumber on and have Faith. They say that […]

Monday morning

Slowly, Monday opens her eyes and blinks away the purple fog. The glass shoe is in glittery pieces on the black laminate floor, the charmed wine bottle is empty, her hair is a mess, and judging by the keys on the night table, the magic carriage is a Ford Fiesta. Carefully, she feels around with […]